The Arvada Tavern

tue-sun 4pm-12pm
classic cocktails
tiki Tuesday
olde town arvada

Menu coming soon!

Come in and see us, we’re ready with a seat at the bar and cocktail for you. Drinks and dinner menus are available in person. Our website is currently under construction, but we will have our menus available here on our website soon. In further news, will be closed on Mondays for the time being, but will reopen all 7 days of the week in the near future. Tiki Tuesday is back in effect every week, so dust off that Aloha shirt and come grab a Mai Tai for the best Tiki Night in town.
1944, Adolph & Marie Seipp

The Legacy...

of the Arvada Tavern starts with the end of prohibition. Even before the 18th amendment of 1920, Arvada always restricted the sale of alcohol under tight laws. With Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act allowing the sale of beer and wine nationally, a new era had started in the United States. On April 7th 1933, the town of Arvada issued their first Tavern license to the owner of the Arvada Tavern, Adrian Kline allowing the legal sale of alcohol to the public in the town limits of Arvada for the first time in history. For the people of Arvada, this was a day of liberation.